Our Pastors

Donnie & Sonya

In 2008, God placed a dream for Southern California inside of the hearts of a young couple, Pastors Donnie and Sonya Young, and in March of 2009, Red Chapel opened its doors for the first time. What began as a dream quickly became a reality and since then, hundreds of people have walked through the doors of Red Chapel broken, disillusioned, and in pain—but they have left differently.

Red Chapel began with just a handful of people, but today is a thriving center where life change is occurring. Since it’s inception, Red Chapel has been a haven for those that are hurting and a beacon for those that are lost. God saw a need within our community and decided to fill it—and we are excited to be a part of that!

In 2014, we found ourselves unable to contain the growth that God was giving us and a step of faith became necessary. Red Chapel began its search for a new facility, and after many closed doors, the search had become a subject of increasing frustration and alarm. But Pastor Donnie placed that search into the hands of God, and God provided a place perfect for the growth that Red Chapel would experience.

We have so many reasons to be grateful and can see God’s hand at work throughout the history of Red Chapel, but we know that this is not where it ends. God is calling us to dream bigger than we have dreamed before and to reach higher than we believed we could. His vision for our church far surpasses what we can imagine and is only limited by our faith and belief. Join us as we prepare for the God-sized dreams that He is making a reality here at Red Chapel!